Child health

Why I care about your child's health

When you look around, do you see many healthy, active and happy children? I do not and remain concerned about the health of the generations to come. Be it toddlers, school children or teens, many young people today are not a picture of good health and care-free happiness. The wide availability of fast foods and fizzy drinks coupled with an unhealthy lifestyle dominated by computer games and other indoor pursuits resulted in too many couch-potato boys and girls. And the epidemic of - ironically - the overfed, overweight and malnourished children and teens is spreading.

Since the foods consumed by children provide building stones for their growth and development, the quality of the ingredients used in preparation of their meals is critical to achieve a good outcome. What children eat and drink plus how active they are affects not only their physical but also intellectual and social development.

This is why at Focus Nutrition+ child care and education come high on the list of priorities and clinic objectives. Child nutrition is very important to me who, being a mother, I can see and appreciate first hand the effects of diet and lifestyle on my offspring and his peer group.

What I can do to help your child

A range of methods available at Focus Nutrition+; from Functional nutrition & lifestyle medicine, through Phytobiophysics® to BodyTalk renders itself very well to improving your child's health. All the techniques applied and solutions offered are non-invasive, gentle and highly effective. Moreover, children seem to respond well to my approach and cooperate with me as and when I make the assessment carried out during a consultation seem like a child's play. They like participating in the process and are usually very good at it!

However, when advising on which foods are best for your child to eat, how to prepare and combine them in order to meet and optimise nutritional needs of a growing youngster, parents' help remains invaluable. It may be that nutritional deficiencies need to be corrected via diet and supplements first before the results are visible but when undesirable symptoms like eczema, asthma, psoriasis or digestive complaints clear, the results speak for themselves.

The changes that parents help a child make in terms of his or hers eating pattern bring profound results. For some children they are as challenging as the symptoms themselves. Throughout the whole process at Focus Nutrition+ I aim to support the families by establishing a friendly rapport with my small clients and their carers. I do my best to remain accessible during after office hours in 'emergencies' and help the children as much as possible.