Metabolic Typing (MT)

Though we may look the same, each person needs a different kind of body fuel to function efficiently. This is known as 'biochemical individuality' and is affected by genetics, environment, stress exposure, lifestyle, etc. This affects how you metabolise your food and drink.

MT is the best way of matching your diet to your metabolic type because foods and nutrients can have virtually opposite effects in different people - one person's food can be another person's poison! You may be permanently hungry despite eating large amounts of food or eating very little and unable to shift the lbs.

MT allows me to determine personal food choices to match each individual's metabolic requirements. This sets it apart from other nutritional approaches and makes it the NUTRITION OF THE FUTURE.

MT and how it works
  • Full metabolic assessment consists of a consultation and a clinical assessment. A variety of diagnostic tests (on saliva, urine, etc.) would be carried out to give a clear picture of your metabolic efficiency. This is your body's preferred way of burning food for energy.
  • It enables me to give an individual eating plan specifying which foods you need to emphasise and which to reduce or avoid.
  • This way of addressing the diet is particularly effective in resolving long term health problems like weight gain or unexplained tiredness.
Who can benefit from MT?

Health problems responding well to MT include: food intolerance / allergy / or sensitivity, poor concentration, depression, female hormonal problems, excess weight, or bone health, to mention just a few.

For example, an osteoporosis sufferer may be advised to eat a diet rich in calcium or to take a calcium supplement which would be of benefit if you were a specific metabolic type. If not, the surplus calcium could be deposited in your gall bladder and form stones!