The Language of Health

BodyTalk combines the elements of a variety of disciplines: quantum physics, fractal mathematics, western anatomy and physiology, eastern healing systems (such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Ayurveda, microbiotics), philosophy, and computer science amongst others.

This unique health care system was developed in 1995 by an Australian chiropractor and acupuncturist John Veltheim. Having studied the world's many healing systems and philosophies, John arrived at this truly revolutionary, holistic system which allows the practitioner to tap into the innate healing ability of the client and help it manifest on all levels. And all this without undressing and with the use of bare hands only!

BodyTalk can help with

  • stress-related issues
  • digestive problems
  • musculo-skeletal problems
  • allergies and intolerances
  • panic attacks
  • fears and phobias
  • low moods
  • and many others

Whatever the breakdown in communication, the BodyTalk system can forge the new links again and restore balance in the body!

Every "Body" deserves to feel good! Let's hear it talk!
What to expect at a BodyTalk session

The client lies or sits fully clothed on a couch. The practitioner takes the 'readings' of the body-mind by asking specific questions and ascertaining the answers by means of neuro-feedback. Following that, gentle tapping of the head and the heart complex wakes up the brain to the communications problems gauged. This allows the heart to store the memory of the innate blueprint and reminds it how to maintain these perfect links for the future.

Some people feel the difference after just one session, others need a few to get the sense of improved wellbeing. Either way, the body-mind specifies when a follow-up session is required.

After a few sessions there is usually a sense of wellbeing and ease of coping with making it easier to face the many adversities of life. As well as the sense of calm, clients also report experiencing relief from physical symptoms, even though sometimes the problem you wanted to address may not have come up as a priority during the session.

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