The unique advantage of working with Focus Nutrition+ is that you have access to both laboratory and in-house testing.

Nutritional intervention works best when the practitioner is given a clear picture of your body's state of health. Testing gives the practitioner the information needed and allows me to approach your concerns in an evidence-based manner. (It may be helpful to bring any results of previous testing from your GP to the consultation.) Rest assured I resort to testing only when it is of practical value to your individual programme.

The tests I use measure many markers in different media: saliva, urine, blood, hair and stool. Some tests can be carried out in our consulting room, and others in your own home upon receipt of the test kit with instructions. Some tests may require you to attend a specified laboratory or a local hospital - if this is not possible, your GP or nursing staff can usually assist.

Tests available

A wide variety of tests are available through Focus Nutrition+. The test available fall broadly in the following categories:

  • Allergy / intolerance tests, i.e. food, pollen, and other irritants (blood or saliva)
  • Digestive function tests (stool or blood)
  • Parasite, yeast (e.g. Candida), or bacteria profiles (stool, blood or saliva)
  • Hormone testing, i.e. female, male, and stress hormones (blood, urine or saliva)
  • Nutrient analyses, i.e. vitamins, minerals, essential fats (hair, urine or blood)
  • Energetic Phytobiophysics® assessment (muscle or galvanometer)
  • BodyTalk assessment
  • Gluten intolerance testing (for non-coeliac gluten sensitivity)
  • Genetic Testing (where it complements functional testing)

There are many other tests I can help you access so it is worth enquiring about the specific one(s) you need. I will do my best to find it for you.