Success stories

Here are but a few wonderful results my clients have achieved under my watchful eyes. The changes experienced were often more than the alleviation of the main complaint they came to seek my guidance for. Clients have often reported an increased sense of understated confidence and reassurance coming from the fact that they have learnt the language of their bodies and have since been able to employ specific tools to look after their health.

Note: Please be advised that the clients whose stories are reported below have all strictly followed the advice and protocol given. In this way they all achieved their goals.

June C.: Effective fat burning

I would highly recommend Focus Nutrition Plus to anyone. Having struggled over a long period of time with being overweight and generally feeling unwell, I was at a complete loss as to what to do. Since my initial appointment, the suggested dietary changes and supplements have had a major impact: not only have I lost weight, more importantly I have burned fat and my BMI has changed from 26.6 to 24.2 in just 5/6 weeks. My digestive health has also improved and for the first time in years I actually feel well. My self-confidence has dramatically improved as a result and many people have told me how well I look - my skin is literally glowing!

If you follow the guidelines and advice provided by Beata, you too should benefit. My advice would be to take it a day at a time, have faith and if you make a small slip, be kind to yourself and believe that you can do it. Simply start again and the changes will come.

Dr. K's heart beat & digestive problems

For the last few months I have been experiencing a discomfort (sharp pain in the right upper abdominal quadrant) in the area of my gall bladder associated with – what I thought – were my dietary indiscretions. The ultrasound and the lab tests were all normal so on advice of Beata Rachowiecka I started taking Milk Thistle capsules but the symptoms only improved slightly.

Beata then recommended trying BodyTalk. After a single BodyTalk session all my digestive symptoms disappeared. Additionally, my periodic arrhythmia (currently under investigation) has totally resolved and as a result of this change I managed to reduce my medication to ¼ of the previous dose.

In view of my medical training it has taken me a while to try BodyTalk for myself but now I have come to the conclusion that no one should judge any complementary method without experiencing it first.

L's weight – L's solution

L's (in her 20s) weight had been creeping up over a number of years due to a combination of comfort eating, lack of exercise and low mood. She was feeling constantly sluggish, tired and had tried to lose weight unsuccessfully. It was then she realised that she needed help.

Because she had no specific health problems, I carried out a Metabolic Typing test to check her ability to burn food for energy. She followed my recommendations and the weight loss was immediate. The sluggishness dissipated and her mood has improved. This helped her motivation to adhere to the programme better.

She lost approximately 1.5 stones in the first 3-4 months. She has maintained her weight loss and is still losing weight - to date she has lost 2st. 3lbs. and has gone down 2 dress sizes!

W's bowel problems

I have consulted Beata on several occasions over the past few years to successfully treat health issues I have had such as Candida overgrowth, irritable bowel syndrome, and a long-term virus.

Each visit Beata has used Phytobiophysics® to establish what imbalances may have contributed to my symptoms. She has also provided me with dietary suggestions to combat the conditions experienced. I was on a programme for many months to successfully build up my immune system with the use of Phytobiophysics® flower formulas and vitamin supplements.

A family affair

Our family, my husband, myself and two children, 10 and 5, had a wonderful experience with Beata. Her knowledge of the human body, health and nutrition is comparable to that of a physician. Beata has the amazing ability to treat each of us as separate individuals with very specific needs with such genuine interest in our well-being. She relates exceptionally well with children as well as adults. She is completely dedicated to her purpose and therefore maintains a current level of knowledge and training. Beata knows how to use her various talents, resources and professional connections to meet all of our needs.

All four of us responded very well to her recommendations and to Phytobiophysics® with very positive results and never any side effects. My husband’s diabetes was eliminated with her recommended supplement regime and his mood was noticeably elevated to “happy”. My daughter’s constant belching with each meal stopped immediately and the grey circles under her eyes disappeared. My son stopped limping and his stress level reduced to calmness. My mental and physical strength soared from the Phytobiophysics® while dietary changes helped me sleep better.

Beata is a uniquely qualified practitioner and everyone would benefit from her consultations and treatment. Thank you Beata! D, D, T, S.

J's bloating – J's solution

J. (age 41) was getting bloated after everything she ate. She had tried a variety of self-help methods but was not totally unsuccessful. She had managed to identify that some foods (like wheat and dairy) made her discomfort worse but was not sure where to go from there.

A saliva adrenal function test showed that her condition was in fact stress related: her fatigued adrenals were affecting the ability of her gut to tolerate foods.

She followed a programme given for a period of 3 months. She started to improve fairly quickly and by the end of my working together her abdominal problems had disappeared altogether.

H's school problems

In November my son who is 9 was suffering a great deal of bullying at school. In fact in his five years of schooling he has been to three different schools and I had never considered that maybe the problem was with him.

Eventually in desperation I consulted with Beata to see if she could find a solution to these problems as I was beginning to think he was autistic and needed to go to a special school.

Beata’s testing was thorough and after blood, stool and mineral hair samples a picture of his true health problems began to unfold. After six months of treatment with Beata I have to say my beautiful and delightful little boy that I knew previously has returned to the family and he is happy for the first time in five years.

I am extremely grateful that Beata is treating my family and will continue to use her expertise so that we can live with optimum health and wellbeing.

D's skin – D's solution

D. (age 15) had come to me with severe psoriasis on his shins and elbows. He has been suffering from it since he was two and has undergone numerous treatments with a skin specialist. He was at a point where he was too self-conscious to wear any shorts during outdoor games at school and felt uncomfortable going out with friends in summer clothes.

The laboratory investigations I undertook showed the underlying reason for his skin conditions lay in his gut. He had parasites in his intestine and lacked the essential good bacteria. Due to this his system was unable to eliminate toxins via the normal channels (the bowel, urine or sweat) and was showing this via the skin.

I advised him to eliminate all potential foods and drink triggers from his diet. He was given a supplement programme correcting the findings of the tests and his gut health.

Over a period of 6 months the skin on his legs and elbows changed beyond recognition. He was happy taking part in outdoor sports again.

N's low mood – N's solution

N. had been feeling poorly for a while: she had extreme fatigue and subsequently was sleeping all day (and night). When awake, she felt weak and faint, had no energy and was steadily gaining weight. Her right eyelid and the right side of her face had both dropped, and her face was red and swollen. After many visits to her GP, she was informed that there was nothing wrong with her. She was eventually put onto anti-depressants but she continued to feel unwell. Her situation got worse and in her words. She wasn't able to function as a mother, wife, or a human being. At this point she remembered that I helped her in the past and contacted me again.

I suggested the Phytobiophysics® approach to alleviate her symptoms. Within the first session the swelling of her face had subsided and her eye started opening up. To her amazement, the difference was clearly visible when she looked in the mirror.

One of the benefits of Phytobiophysics® that appealed to her was that there was no waiting for lab results. The flower remedies showed immediate results. In no time she started feeling better and was keen to add her testimonial stating that she was so delighted with the results she wanted to share her story with others.

S's tiredness

I had been feeling unwell for a long time. I lacked energy and felt tired and lethargic. My muscles hurt and was anxious for no apparent reason. Also I was bloated and felt my digestive system was not working properly and my sinuses were always blocked. I kept going to my GP and they treated each and every symptoms individually, rather than looking at the whole picture. The final straw was a nasty bout of thrush that was really uncomfortable.

Someone suggested seeing a nutritionist and I got Beata’s name through the Candida Society. I couldn’t have been luckier! She suggested I took a stool test and through that worked out that my gut was the problem. I followed a strict diet and dropped any food containing sugar, yeast, wheat and dairy. I was also recommended some supplements and a couple of sessions of BodyTalk. I never looked back. I felt better and better. My energy level soared and my anxiety almost disappeared. My muscles don’t hurt anymore and my tummy has gone down. I would recommend Beata without hesitation.

M's hand – and M's solution

M. came to me when diagnosed with Dupuytren's contracture: her middle right finger was affected by it to such a degree that she could not lift a tea pot using her right hand. The finger has been troubling her for a while and a surgery was suggested as the last and extreme option by her primary care provider.

Following a single BodyTalk session and a few simple exercises to do at home the finger straightened up and the hard lump at its base has gone! She was delighted with the result and remarked she would have no reservations in recommending me to anyone.

J's sickness bug – in his Mum's words

My Son got ill with a bad fever and headaches a few weeks before his GCSE exams started. We knew he may have been affected by some of the traumatic family situations that had happened in the preceding weeks, but he felt he was OK. He said it was the ton of sweets he had eaten that weekend that had caused or triggered the ill health!

As he was due to be sitting his exams, we felt he needed to be in tip top condition as far as his health was concerned. As we weren’t able to get to see Beata in the times she had available, we agreed that she would do a remote BodyTalk session later one evening to find out what was going on, what the cause of his ill health was and then she’d be able to balance him out so he got better quickly.

Beata's report of why my Son had got sick was spot-on, very accurate indeed. We learned that he was indeed shocked and upset by what had happened at home, and that he had certain feelings which were new to him and which he was finding hard to deal with, and this included having to grow up from a child into a young man, having just reached 16 years of age. Beata balanced him out in all 3 areas and his health very quickly sorted itself out.

Beata did another remote follow up session later that week to clear up anything else that was going on, and picked up a few things which were sorted out.

J. recovered quickly and was back to his normal self within 3-4 days, having had 3 days off school to recover. I feel it would have taken much longer for him to recover if we’d not had the BodyTalk sessions done for him. We have also found in the past that when he gets too ill with a fever, if it’s not dealt with quickly and properly, he has had a tendency to get pneumonia which he has had twice in the past.

We find Beata to be an excellent practitioner in how she operates, her high level of knowledge is excellent and makes us feel like we are in safe hands. Her professionalism when dealing with people is great as well as her being just a lovely person to deal with. She is our first port of call if we can’t deal with a health challenge ourselves.

J's tummy problems – Mum's overview

I would highly commend Beata to anyone with a child suffering from a gut disorder as she has time and time again been a deep fountain of knowledge. We have been working with Beata for over 4 years and whilst it has been a tough journey I have always found Beata able to strike the balance of extending support and encouragement as well as professional advice.

Her rapport with my son was and still is the central focus with a positive mutually beneficial outcome ‘Happy well child, happy parents’. I cannot thank Beata enough for her patience in working with us. It is and was exactly what we needed to move my sons’ health forward. In particular, since my son started to receive BodyTalk treatment, almost a year ago, we have seen the largest shift in his whole wellbeing having tried a number of therapies.

P's pregnancy and post natal problems

At 35 weeks of my pregnancy I was diagnosed with a blood clot in my right leg. I was put on fragmin injections. During this period I was suffering from dizzy spells and difficultly in sleeping. At 39 weeks I delivered my baby through an elective caserean. The doctors then started to wean me onto Warfarin. The following day I developed a rash all over my body. It was very itchy and soar. The doctors couldn't understand what I was allergic to. Some believed it was warfarin but the dermatologist believed it was one of the pain killers.

I was given steroid through the vein to reduce the rash but it made no difference. Once I come home my itching continued and felt no relief and the rash continued to get worse. I visited the doctors and was told they didn't know what was causing it to continue itching.

My friend recommended seeing Beata and I contacted her for help through BodyTalk. She was very good and I am amazed at the recovery.

During my first appointment Beata was able to identify what I was allergic to and eliminate this through body talk. After my first session I began to see results straight away. The rash had reduced significantly. Within 3 days the rash had completely gone and itching had reduced by 70%. I am required to follow a diet recommended by Beata as well as vitamin supplements.

I had a further session a week later and Beata worked on the specific areas I was still feeling itching. The itching had stopped as soon as I had this session and as I write this testimonial it has been 5 days since my last session and I have had no itching or rash whatsoever. Overall I'm feeling great and am now able to enjoy motherhood.

S.W's mini stroke

I was very pleased to have been assisted by Beata Rachowiecka of Focus Nutrition+ to help me with the after effects of a Mini Stroke (TIA) in January 2017. She has also helped me at various times over the past few years.

Beata combines extensive knowledge and experience in Nutrition and Herbal Treatments with her work as a BodyTalk Pracitioner and the latter is a remarkable system of healing involving knowledge of the body and a highly intuitive, yet quantum physics based so also scientific, muscle testing based approach. The two complement each other brilliantly and powerfully.

Beata was able to use both to bring about some remarkable results for me.

A toddler’s diarrhoea – in her Mum’s words

My daughter L started to suffer from diarrhoea around the time she reached 18 month. Within few weeks she also started to have stomach cramps and it seemed she was in a lot of pain at the times. Her development took a step back and from adventurous little pickle we went to a toddler that was constantly sitting on my or nursery teacher’s lap cuddled up and upset. She lost her confidence and her appetite dropped rapidly. We visited our local GP 3 times within two weeks only to be told that this is common toddler diarrhoea and she will grow out of it. After the last visit I could not take it anymore and started to look into other alternatives.

I was recommended to see Beata and I booked an appointment straight away. We went through the BodyTalk session and Beata found that the problem was gluten. We took L off gluten and started to see the difference almost immediately. Her bowel movement was healthy within a week and by the end of second week she returned back to happy, active and independent toddler. I am very grateful for all Beata’s help!

Mrs H's Osteoporosis reversed

I went to Beata to see if she could help me with my diagnosis of osteoporosis. She advised me regarding a diet and supplementation (which did NOT include calcium) which I followed strictly for a year. I then went to the doctor’s to ask for a scan to see if anything had changed in my bone density. The scan showed that my bones were back to normal, with only osteopenia in my backbone. Beata’s advice had reversed my osteoporosis! I now still follow the diet and the main supplement, but not quite as strictly as before, and in a few years’ time will go and ask for another scan to see if the improvement has sustained, which I have every confidence that it will have.

Panic attack on a flight - by M

To say that I had a fear of flying is an understatement. Whilst on a short flight back to London I had been brought to the back of the plane by cabin crew to try and help calm me. Despite their best efforts I began hyperventilating, shaking and crying. After having been told of my distress by a fellow passenger, Beata appeared at my side to ask if I needed any help. I quickly answered yes and within minutes of Beata employing what she later explained to me were BodyTalk techniques, what I'd believed up until that point to be the impossible happened - I stopped shaking and was again in possession of myself. Gradually throughout the flight I came to a state of pure calm and confidence. I came away from the experience feeling not only that even if I didn't relish the prospect of another flight, I could at least get on one without panicking, but that I now also had a new technique for improving the general quality of my life thanks to Beata. That Beata came to a stranger's side to help without being asked speaks volumes about her quality as a therapist and person.

Overall wellbeing & peace of mind

Using no prescription meds to upset my body/mind's delicate bio-chemical balance Beata has given me such body/mind freedom and peace as I never thought possible, my mind is behaving differently, it is much happier and less frenetic and fearful.

Sadly, it took me over 40 years of searching to find her.

Thank you Beata!

A child with bowel and bladder incontinence - HB

I contacted Beata after my son was admitted into hospital as he had incontinent bladder and bowel movement.

The hospital had carried out a number of tests and scans and were unable to find the cause. The situation seemed to be getting worse with my son and I then contacted Beata.

She carried out 2x distant healing sessions with My son and I began to see a difference. The number of times he was having the accidents reduced. She recommended the Gluten diet and provided me with lots of food ideas which I found very useful.

We were then discharged from hospital awaiting further tests. I booked an appointment to see Beata and visited her with my son. After 2x more sessions of BodyTalk my son has now full control his bladder/bowel.

My son is now a happier child and am grateful for Beata’s help.